The Promenade

Immortal Coil

The Pearl Promenade is one of many such gathering places in the linked domains of the Pan-Domain Mercantile and Commerce Conglomerate. The PDMCC (often shortened to simply the Conglomerate) has long held Promenades at key nexus points to maximize efficiency in pan-domain trade. Each Promenade has its own focal points and emphasis, but these are largely self inforced by the traders and merchants that occupy these spaces. The Conglomerate maintains these locations, ensuring security for those that do business within them, as well as providing a limited-restriction system of domain which contains areas wherein nearly any type of technology or magic will function for the transparent utilization of services or perhaps to demonstrate a product before it is purchased. These areas are policed by the enforcement arm of the Conglomerate police, but rarely if ever is intervention required, provided that both parties are in agreement as to the nature of the magic or technology being utilized. Primarily, the Conglomerate functions to ensure that fair trade and business is being conducted within its walls, and that no theft occurs.

All Promenades are organized and laid out differently, but they tend to follow a roughly spherical shape. The sphere is divided into horizontal planes, each of which is further specialized from the general theme of the Promenade. There is always a hub at the center of the sphere, from which the Conglomerate can access any level immediately via their proprietary teleportation centers, and to which complaints or requests for trade licences can be made.

The Pearl Promenade specifically deals with the trade of organic, living products. Slavery is something of a gray area here, but it is not incumbent upon the Conglomerate to enforce any mandates of their own regarding this. If the person organization which allows slavery chooses to set up a market in Pearl, then no persons or organizations with ethical concerns may interfere, regardless of their own laws or restrictions. The living products traded here range from prostitutes to pets to skilled laborers with long contracts, and very commonly includes non-sentient living things such as flesh-tanks or spawning vats.


If Someone Has It (And Its Weird and Alive), Then Someone Has It Here.
Everyone’s Looking For Something
Everything Can Be Bought, Except the Conglomerate

The Promenade

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